Smiley Club

Our SMILEY CLUB. This is a prestigious for children which a variety of educational , preventive , treatment and entertainment programs ages five to twelve (6-12) .This program is tailored to raise the awareness of our kids in their early stage about the importance of their teeth in preventing future problems.

Our smiley club activities include:

Informative lecture to educate the kids about their teeth and to break any fear barrier between the doctors and the kids

The lecture includes the  following :

  • How to take care of our teeth
  • The importance of daily brushing and the correct method of brushing
  • How our teeth function
  • The benefits of a good diet and the effect of other foods on our teeth . This is explained through actual illustration.

Likewise, they will receive exclusive smiley club membership card

which they will enjoy continuing monitoring and care to their teeth and will continue to receive educational and recreational program invitation

We, at Al hamra Dental Polyclinic are proud to introduce the high standard of oral health care with our highly qualified dentists and advanced equipment.

Should you and any other member of your family does not have a regular dentist or hygienist it will be our pleasure to welcome you to our clinic.